Saturday, February 4, 2023

Old TWA Terminal

  My favorite part of JFK… The old TWA terminal.

Willing and Waiting

  After nearly 20 days off sick i’m finally fit to fly and report for my reserve month and see where I get sent. Hoping for a...
Emirates Cabin Crew A380

How Much Emirates Crew Really Work

A rare look into the flying schedule of cabin crew at one of the world's most famous airlines

This is My POV

  See things the way I do!

No Star Treatment

I was reading an article about how Rihanna posed for photos with her flight attendants in hopes to get some free food on a...


A challenge for most visitors to China is adapting to local fare. While you might love Chinese food in your own county, it’s from the first bite of authentic Chinese food you...

Ready, Willing, and Waiting

Well I find myself once again on my red sofa waiting on standby at the airport. This time the far east is not an...

A Catch Up in London’s Hip Hood

It had been nearly a year since I enjoyed a good travel with Sinead. The last time we were together was last spring in...

Spoiled and I know it!

There is no IFE system on this American Airlines flight, so I have lots of time to think. I think man this baby screaming behind...