Spoiled and I know it!


There is no IFE system on this American Airlines flight, so I have lots of time to think.

I think man this baby screaming behind me is loud.

I wonder If this MD-80 is older or younger than me… I’m going with older.

I ponder just how spoiled I’ve become since I became an international fly guy. I like my planes new, my food hot, and my IFE big.

What I’m used to: image

What I got right now: image

I just went to use my cell in flight… I only got a call from the flight attendant to turn the phone off! At least I have wifi so I can catch up with you. I’m halfway through my us visit and enjoying the winter weather! Ok time is running out! Did I mention I like my inflight wifi cheap… This one isn’t 🙂

Fly sexy!

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