To drive sleepy could be a reckless idea. The same is true for blogging. There’s no telling what will come out of this keyboard when what little filter I do posses is rendered non existent from sleep deprivation. Last night I was pulled out from the standby lounge to work on the wrong side of the first class curtain in business class on a full Beijing flight. In addition I was given and gave back attitude to a bitchy fellow first class member (see there I go with the no filter) and now I’m currently on hour 32 with no sleep and you get the picture. I’m going to step away and sleep it off… I didn’t pack cold weather clothes, so sleep is all I have to do. I’m going to go make a deposit into this sleep bank deficit. Lucky for you, I’m sure by tomorrow I will still need to blow off some steam caused from me confrontation with miss first class pissy pants and I know you will be there to listen.

Goodnight from China!


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