Hawaiian Airlines Karen Screams at Crew To Clean Her Toilet, Later Goes On Racist Rant Calling Polynesians Dumb


A California woman started screaming at Hawaiian Airlines crew to clean the toilet seat on a recent flight

Took to social media insulting Polynesians, calling them dumb and not real Asians

No airport or airline is immune to a Karen attack. They can strike at any time and any place across the globe. They have been filmed destroying check-in counters, arguing their rights in security lines, and fighting in the baggage claim. However, their rage is often observed at the gate during a flight delay. The worst aviation Karens are the ones that kick off once the aircraft door is closed and the metal tube is suspended one mile in the sky. There is no security to call and no escaping their entitlement, yelling, and abuse. Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants were the recent target of one such mile-high Karen attack.

An Asian American woman named Crystal Han filmed her mile-high tantrum after she demanded the flight attendants clean the toilet seat before she used the onboard Lavatory. The video starts when Han pushes her phone into the face of a male crew who uses his gloved hand to block unwanted attention. When he tried to push the phone away, you could hear Han yelling that the male crew hit her, a tactic she would later use with law enforcement officers once she made it back to the ground and was escorted off the flight.

Han apparently likes to blame her actions on bipolar episodes. But once on the ground, she continued her tirade, attacking Hawaiians and all Polynesians with a stream of racist insults on her social media. Among the abuses, Han filmed herself saying, “Hawaiian People have the smallest brains in the US” she continued, “Micronesians, Polynesians, F*ucking nesians, you’re not Asians, You’re not Asian because you’re dumb.” She evidently suffers from a superiority and racist complex, in addition to the other issues she caught on camera. Hawaiian Tiktokker hiililylani captured the offensive slurs before Han blocked her from Instagram. Here’s the video:

How Airline Crew Deal With Mile-High Karens

There are several ways the crew can deal with a mile-high Karen. They can choose to ignore the hissyfit, as the Hawaiian Airlines crew seemed to do with Han, and let the law take over once on the ground. The crew may choose to out Karen the Karen like this Southwest Flight Attendant.

The pilots can choose to divert if they are over land, which recently happened on a Jet2 flight to Greece after an older woman struck the crew for denying her a Gin & Tonic. Or if Karen is causing a threat to the aircraft, passengers, or crew safety, they can use restraint techniques and cuff the disruptive passenger to her seat for the duration of the flight.

This mile-high Karen hit and bit flight attendants and other passengers on an American Airlines flight and was tied and duct-taped to her seat and fined $82,000


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