Monday, September 25, 2023

These are The Best and Worst Months To Fly Standby

These are the best and worst times of year to try to fly standby around the worlld.

6 Things Flight Attendants Hate Most About Their Job

We Asked Cabin Crew What They Hate Most About Their Job, and Their Top Answers Might Suprise You!

Video: Ryanair Passengers Abandon Baby At Ticket Counter To Avoid Missing Flight

A video has surfaced showing shocked check-in staff at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport inspecting an infant in its stroller left behind...

Mother of 3 Sucked Into Airplane Engine Had Been Warned Multiple Times To Stay...

Mom of three Courtney Edwards, 34, has been identified as the ramp agent of American Airlines/Piedmont Airlines that was tragically killed on...

Video: Cabin Crew Fight Power Bank Fire On Scoot Flight Bound For Singapore

Cabin Crew on board Scoot flight TR993 quickly took quick action Tuesday evening to fight a fire in the cabin caused by a passenger's power bank. When the incident occurred, the aircraft was still on the ground at Taipei's Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, preparing to take off for Singapore. 





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