A Night Flight Anthem


I sometimes think my iPod is alive. It seems to know the perfect moments to introduce a song into my life’s soundtrack. For example this morning at around 9 a.m. after a red eye from London I was walking off the plane and popped in the ear buds for one last musically induced energy burst, to get me to the crew center and on the bus home. My iBuddy didn’t disappoint! Scissor Sister’s “Night Work” came on my shuffle and I was booty shakin may way down from the upper deck. It’s now officially my pre-red eye anthem.The song worked too well as I didn’t mellow out for a nap until about 1 pm.

The lyrics I relate to:

A dream one day

I’d be living off this system for free

The dreams come true

Honey, welcome to my reality (Pretty much, no bills, no rent. Just jet setting that’s my reality)

Asleep all day (That would be what I do before a red eye)

And wake myself in the shadows (the part I hate the most, getting the wake up call at 7p.m. knowing you have a 12 hour night ahead of me)

Gotta get up, gotta get up (yeah I do, pick up is in a hour)

I’ve gotta catch that train (Or plane)

By midnight for my

Night work

Gotta do the night work.

And now I gotta get some night sleep for a change.

  • A Fly Guy

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