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Gifts15As Fly Guy I’m always in search of items to make my travel easy and more enjoyable. The search is a costly one, but has led me to some great products that are now on my list of must have travel items. I thought I would share some of that collection with you as you search for that perfect gift to buy the gypsy spirited individual in your life. On this list you will find products I own or have tried, meaning they have passed my traveler minded inspection and have the Fly Guy stamp of approval. Happy shopping!

I can’t pick just one natural product from Uncle Harry’s line that I call my favorite. Problem solved! Here’s three gift sets full of small products packed full of health and beauty goodness all wrapped up in cases made from 95% recycled material. On top of all this, 20% of sale proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

Purse Essentials: “the definitive survival set for travel and on-the-go primping” – $24.70: This kits contains Uncle Harry’s lavendin oil, organic Breath Freshener & Herbal Digestive, Miracle Fresh Breath Wand (on of my favorites this works as a portable toothbrush/tooth powder combo), Flower Nectar Monoi Tiare, and a limited edition Floral Body Mist deodorant and perfume.

Uncle Harry’s Aromatherapy Tool Kit – $31.99: Inside this kit, Uncle Harry’s has included six of their most versatile essential oils that are perfect for home and travel. These oils can be used to treat burns, colds, fatigue, infections, nausea, toothaches or used to lift the mood. The uses are many, so the kit comes with a reference cards for each oil so you know just how to use them.

Sparkling Smile Travel Bag – $24.79: Uncle Harry’s is famous for their oral hygiene products. My oral regime comes from Uncle Harry’s and here’s the best way to try the most popular in the collection. The travel bag contains Breath Freshener Spray, Miracle Mouthwash, Remineralization Powder, Toothpaste, and a stainless steel Tongue Cleaner. Best part about these products they’re antibacterial and super-alkalizing products and made with ZERO preservatives, synthetic foaming agents, abrasives, or glycerin and help strengthen teeth!

To find out more or to order visit


When I first picked up the BILLYKIRK Medium Carryall it was love at first sight. The bag was the perfect size to carry, could hold my laptop, opened nice and wide making it easy search the contents and was handmade in the USA. The Carryall has a fashionable leather/canvas combo that completes any classic well traveled ensemble.

Available online for $352 at


Every traveler finds satisfaction in checking countries off their travel map. Now that joy goes dimensional with the latest edition if the Scratch Map, The Scratch Globe

Available for $32.50 online at


As flight crew I enjoy a great body lotion to revive my tired, dry skin and the aroma and sight of the warm glow from a travel candle to relax my body. With Dr. Sofskins Body Lotion Candles I get both in a small conveniently sized tin. These travel candles are free of parabens, petroleum by-products, and artificial additives. They’re made from organic, wild crafted ingredients and sold in recyclable packaging.

Available online for $17 at


For those of us that enjoy a loose leaf tea on the run Teavana has made the Tea Voyager Travel Kit that includes a stainless steel infuser stick,  2 tea tins and a neoprene carrying case.

Available online for $24.95 at


I love gin, and I love vintage travel and now I love Aviation American Gin.  Combining the classic charm of vintage aviation with a beloved classic spirit makes this a perfect gift for those of us that love to travel and drink (that’s a lot of us). Aviation American Gin was named top gin by Wine Enthusiast with a 97 rating. That’s 5 points higher than Hendrick‘s and Bombay Sapphire.

For more information and where it’s sold visit

When you live your life on the go, you don’t like wasting valuable time searching through your cosmetic or toiletries bag trying to find what you need. Finally LAY/N/GO has ended this annoyance once and for all with these bags. The award winning design of the LAY/N/GO Traveler and Cosmo opens into a disc, presenting all your items on a flat, easy to find surface. The pouches also have a built in lip that keeps your items from rolling off and a zippered pocket perfect for storing jewelry. When it’s time to rush off you simply pull the drawstring and go.

For prices and to see all the variations visit:


The experienced traveler is an organised traveler and it’s my experience that these fashionable little pouches from Flight 001 are the perfect solution to help organize your traveler’s bag.

Available for $18 (20% discount with a crew ID) online at 


Laughter is one of the best gifts you could give someone and here’s the perfect way achieve a giggle from the flight crew in your life. Jetlagged Comic‘s creator Kelly Kincaid has packed 144 pages of aviation humor at its best onto the pages of her new book Airplane Mode.

Available for $17.95 at


Hotel rooms can either be four small walls of stale smelling air, or a relaxing hideaway full of energizing aromas. The difference is found in the bottle of Way Out Wax Clean Air sprays. These revolutionary sprays use essential oils combined with their Clean Air formula of pure essential and botanical oils to neutralize offending odors, not just masking them. I always keep one of these in my hotel kit and spray in my hotel room as soon as I get in the door.

Available online for $6.99 at

Gifts7Here’s the perfect gift for the guy in your life that likes to look smart while on the go but doesn’t want to compromise comfort. When I travel on my staff benefits I must adhere to a business casual dress code which used to mean I had to sacrifice comfort on a long haul flight. That was until I stumbled across Lululemon’s Mission Pant II. Finally we guys have a comfy option for travel that doesn’t make us look like washed up couch potatoes! These pants are made to look like office trousers but have the feel and movement of workout gear.

Available for $128 in store or online at

Gifts10When you live out of a suitcase, it’s a good idea to keep your little home away from home clean and tidy. To help Flight 001 has put together this genius Go Clean Set. Made from heavyweight washable nylon material, these packs conceal odors and contains messes. This is the perfect gift to help your traveler make their packing and unpacking easy and sanitary.

Available for $52.00 (20% discount with a crew ID) in store or online at

SteelNetBagWhen I bought my first net sack I had no idea how attached I would grow to that little bag. It has become a no go item in my suitcase due to its compact size and functionality. When I head out on my layovers it’s always in my pocket since I never know when I will pass a city market and have the urge to stock up on fresh produce or souvenirs and nearly every time all of it manages to fit into this sack. Another selling point, this bag lasts! While other reusable shopping bags have come and gone over the years, this one has lasted the test of time.

Available for $25 online at

Gifts2Finally there’s a guide book for those of us with limited time at our destination. For the traveler, or crew, that likes to make the most out of their short visits to cities in Europe and North America, The New York Times 36 Hours series are great books to have in their collection. Text is short, and the pictures are plentiful, meaning you will get a good idea of what to expect as you plane your outings.

Available at most major booksellers 

Gifts6Suitcase dwellers need to save as much space as possible when out on long trips and again, Flight 001 has come to the rescue with their signature packing solutions. F1’s Spacepack Clothes bag can accommodate up to 13 shirts and 4 pairs of pants (or a combination of short and skirts). Besides saving space in your bag, these Spacepacks keep your clothes packed flat which reduces wrinkles and helps keep them protected from other bag mishaps like toiletry leaks and snags.

Available for $45.00 (20% discount with a crew ID)  in store or online at

About Fly Guy: Fly Guys is an international first class air steward working for one of the world’s most prestigious international airlines. Through his blog and his facebook page Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge, Fly Guy documents the glamour that can still be found at 35,000 feet.


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