Top 5 Airline Videos of 2015

Top 5 Airline Videos of 2015

It’s the time of year where we start looking back at the past 365 days to see which moments made our year great. In 2015 viral videos made many memorable moments for airlines around the world. It seemed to be the industry’s choice method for building stronger audiences for their brands this year.

Many of these videos were featured on Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge, the world’s largest social media network for airline crew and staff. The popular Facebook page averages anywhere from 8 to 16 million monthly viewers who just can’t get enough from the aviation world. This makes our audience the perfect judge for the top 5 airline videos of 2015. Let’s begin with a countdown from number five…

5: Air France “France In the Air” Safety Video

2015 saw plenty of “creative” safety videos battling to hold our attention, but only Air France managed to make a fashionable impression with our audience . Starting out our countdown is the Air France “France in The Air” safety demo.

Lounge Likes: 5,359 / Video Views: 341,704

(297) New Safety Video from Air France - A Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge - Google Chrome 12292015 13617 PM.bmp

Video from Air France 

4: Finnair Airbus A350 XWB Cabin Introduction

2015 brought the first commercial flight of the new Airbus A350 XWB with Qatar Airways in January. While Qatar was the first to operate the new aircraft, our audience was more interested in taking a sneak peak inside Europe’s first A350 which took off in October with Finnair. This video from Finland’s national airline, showcasing the interior features of their new A350, was our 4th most liked video of 2015.

Lounge Likes: 5,983 / Video Views: 223,317

Fullscreen capture 12292015 15425 PM.bmp.jpg

Video from Finnair

3: KLM: Bluey And The Flower Parade

When KLM first introduced Bluey, a tiny animated KLM 747 with a big personality, the airline had hoped to target young travelers. Lucky for the Dutch airline, inside every aviation enthusiast is a 10-year-old child that secretly loves any movie with animated airplanes. That explains why Bluey’s first short film landed at number 3 on our list.

Lounge Likes: 6,557  / Video Views: 345,429

Fullscreen capture 12302015 125525 PM.bmp

Video from KLM

2: Emirates Benfica Safety video.

In 2015, no other airline went video viral in a way that rivaled Dubai-based Emirates. From their high profile advert starring Jennifer Aniston (taking a cheeky poke at North American Airlines!) to their flagship Airbus A380 soaring over the Dubai skyline escorted by two men strapped to jetpacks, Emirates was flying high in 2015. But it didn’t take an A-list celeb or daredevils with jet packs to impress our audience… all they needed were a few iconic Emirates girls, a packed sports arena, thousands of screaming football fans and a bit of aviation imagination to get our number 2 most liked video: The Emirates Benfica Safety video.

Lounge Likes: 10,682  / Video Views: 534,472

Fullscreen capture 12302015 123442 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 12302015 124126 PM.bmp

Video from Emirates

1: LOT Polish Airlines Half-Millionth Boeing 787 Passenger’s Musical Surprise 

Mama Mia! Our number one aviation video was a smashing success right off the stage of Broadway. LOT Polish Airlines doesn’t usually make much noise on the airwaves which is why we were amazed when their musical surprise for their half millionth 787 passenger brought in more than 5 million views. Our number one video is proof that aviation and Abba is a winning combination!

Lounge Likes: 40,487 / Video Views: 5,369,558

Fullscreen capture 12302015 10131 PM.bmp

Video from LOT





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