Fly Guy Returns From Manila

Fly Guy opens his suitcase to reveals what treasures he picked up while in Manila
Fly Guy opens his suitcase to reveals what treasures he picked up while in Manila
Fly Guy opens his suitcase to reveal what treasures he picked up while in Manila

After five years apart, Manila and I have reunited!

I forgot how much I missed the karaoke culture that is unique to this capitol city. In Manila it’s not only acceptable, but the norm to just sing while you do anything. It’s hard not to fall in love with this musical metropolis. Manila just makes me feel good. It helps that Filipinos have a deep admiration for everything American. There, anyone of Caucasian complexion is American until proven otherwise. The feeling of a hundred eyes upon me as I shopped for bananas gave me a pep in my step. I admit I always enjoy my 15 minuets of Manila fame. What I also enjoy is the shopping. I brought back in my suitcase the staples of Philippines agriculture: mangoes, bananas and a pineapple. I picked up some new treats to try like coconut Jam, fried garlic popcorn, spicy peanuts and rice coffee. My wardrobe also got a few additions. A shopping secret for you. Inside Robinson’s Galleria mall their is a store called The Platform Fashion Boutique. Here you can find great graphic tees that originally retailed for around $40 – $60 for around $5 bucks each.


  1. Im sooo glad that you love Manila! I am from the Philippines and just recently moved to the US. You’re so right about karaoke. lol We love to sing. haha

    Im so glad I found your blog. I hope you can make a blog about how or what to pack when you’re leaving for flight attendant training.

    I recently got offered a training position with a major US Airline and I would so appreciate if you could make a post regarding this topic.


    Thank you.



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