Old Ghana Airways DC-10 opens as a restaurant


La Tante DC 10 Restaurant OpensIf you head to or from Accra’s Kotoka International Airport you’re not likely to miss the massive green machine parked adjacent to the airport grounds. Consider this green aircraft a way for the Ghana government to go “green” and reuse a DC-10 that was once the flagship of their defunct national carrier, Ghana Airways. The new La Tante DC-10 Restaurant is a public-private partnership between the Ghana government and Vindira Limited and has been named the first airplane dinning option offered below the clouds of Africa.

Fly Guy missed the opening of the new eatery by only a few days and was subjected to screams of “NO PHOTOS!!!” from the security guard as I attempted to document this moment in aviation history. Even with their threats, I manged to snap a few photos through the fence of the aircraft as construction crew busied themselves putting the finishing touches on the restaurant before its November 11th official opening date.

La Tante DC 10 Restaurant and bar features a refurbished interior with seating for 118 guests and serves a menu of typical African cuisine as well as a variety of continental dishes. The DC-10 also features a bar if you’re thirsty.

On Fly Guy’s next visit to Accra he will make an official visit and give you a full trip report!


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