Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Air Serbia’s Big Summer Plans: New Planes, Cabins, and Destinations

Air Serbia has big summer plans! The national airline of the Republic of Serbia is gearing up for the delivery of their first wide-body aircraft,...
Air New Zealand Logo

5 Things I loved About Air New Zealand & 2 Things I didn’t

Air New Zealand is just cool. Other airlines attempt to imitate them but fail miserably in their execution and just come across looking desperate to be cool. Air NZ is like that one guy everyone wants to be, the one who looks, says, does and wears everything just right. From their safety videos to their leading cabin interiors, this airline is a trendsetter.

Fly Guy Flies: Bangkok Airways – A Trip Report

The word ‘boutique’ is one I like to find in my travel itinerary. I tend to pick smaller, more intimate dwellings while attempting to...

Meet Fly Guy

  So this is me. Dancing with the romance of days gone past. An old soul in search of the golden day of aviation.

This is My POV

  See things the way I do!

Spoiled and I know it!

There is no IFE system on this American Airlines flight, so I have lots of time to think. I think man this baby screaming behind...


  See you fly guys and gals in JFK! Just look for the biggest plane there I will be :)

Fly Guy Returns From Manila

After five years apart, Manila and I have reunited! I forgot how much I missed the karaoke culture that is unique to this capitol city....

Bye Bye China

A red eye home Getting ready for Another up all nighter flight home. China is a social media lovers worst nightmare. Facebook, YouTube, blogspot...

These are The Best and Worst Months To Fly Standby

These are the best and worst times of year to try to fly standby around the worlld.