The UK’s flag carrier is long overdue for a new look; its current uniform has been flying the flag for the past two decades, which in airline years, is a long time. Airlines typically change their uniform every ten years. 

The Current British Airways uniform was designed by Welsh designer Julien Macdonald and has been an iconic look of the airline industry since 2003 (Photo from British Airways)

In 2018 the UK flag carrier announced it had chosen British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng to create its next uniform. The project hit a setback due to the global pandemic, but today the airline confirmed photos shared here first are, in fact, the new era of British Airways fashion. 

First Look: The New British Airways Jumpsuit (Photo from British Airways)

Watch Below to see the unreleased leaked up-close photos of the new British Airways uniform:

According to the airline, Boateng has been developing the collection since 2018 with painstaking care, meeting with each of the airline’s workgroups to see what mattered most to them in their workwear. More than 90% of the garments are produced using sustainable fabric from recycled polyester blends.

The first work groups to wear the uniforms from Spring 2023 will be the airline’s engineers and ground operations agents. All British Airways’ customer-facing staff, cabin crew, pilots, and check-in agents, will be runway ready in their new look by Summer 2023.

Engineers and ground operations staff will get their new uniforms in Spring 2023, while onboard crew and check-in agents will receive theirs in the summer.

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  1. It looks awfully it’s up their with the greggs uniform I don’t think virgin are worried. Think again British airways you can come up with something better then this. It looks like you gone from harrods to primark

  2. Bad decision. They should have kept the current BA uniform. And I HATE the jumpsuit option. Who on earth wants to see a stewardess move from a nice, smart, skirt suit to an UGLY, DRAB jumpsuit? Again, BA, keep the current uniform!

Let's hear from you

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.