When Captain Ingvar Mar Jónsson introduced his crew on a recent Icelandair flight, he was also introducing nearly every member of his household.

Except for the first officer and one other flight attendant, the entire crew on the flight to Washington, DC, was from the same family.

With Ingvar in command up front, his wife Sigríður and their three daughters, Nína, Ingibjörg, and Sigríðar were looking after passenger comfort and safety down the back. 

Captain Ingvar Mar Jónsson with his wife and three daughters working the same flight together to Washington DC (Photo from Icelandair)

While the flight was indeed an opportunity they will remember for their lifetime, Captain Ingvar told MBL.is that the flight was operated as normal.

“It was no different than any other flight,” he said. “Everyone did their job and everything went professionally. There was nothing very family-like about the flight itself.”

Even some of the passengers on the flight were part of the family! Sigríður’s mother, and Ingibjargar and Sigríðar’s husbands were also along for the ride.

The entire family out enjoying their layover in Washington DC (Photo from MBL.is)

The family air-fair nearly didn’t happen after Ingibjörg and Sigríður didn’t get their request to be on the flight. But the two managed to switch trips with the other operating crew members to complete the family crew.

Ingvar and Sigríður met at the airline. Ingvar started working in 1996 and Sigríður in 1997. The couple’s three daughters caught the crew bug from their parents and joined the airline when they were able. The couple also has a younger son that’s yet to decide if he will join his family above the clouds with a career in aviation.


  1. No doubt that flight have been A sensitive Flight for whole Family Members to maintain their professional efficiency,💐💐💐💐💐
    Sohail Dar (Retired senior Purser)
    Pakistan International Airlines 🇵🇰

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