Flight Attendant Killed, More Injured in Saudia Crew Bus Crash

Flight Attendant dies in Saudia bus crash

At least one Saudia flight attendant was killed and 11 more were injured when their company-provided transport collided with a delivery truck in route to King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh on Wednesday.

Saudia Airlines bus carrying flight attendants crashes in Riyadh

The airline has confirmed that crew member Khawla Zemzari, 30, from Tunesia was killed in the crash. Saudi news site www.slaati.com included Zemzari in the total of 12 flight attendants riding in the bus. The site also listed one other crew in critical condition.

Saudia staff have taken to social media to pay respect to their deceased colleague

More Fatalities Rumored

Several Saudia staff have written to A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge saying another flight attendant from the Philippines was also killed in the crash. The airline has yet to confirm the second death or return emails requesting an update on the survivors.

Emergency services responding to the tragic bus accident

Second Tragedy in Less Than 6 Months

This is the second major tragedy to strike the Saudia crew community this year. Four months to the day of this bus crash, two Saudia cabin crew members were killed when a terrorist attacked their hotel in Sri Lanka during the deadly Easter bombings.


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