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6 Things You Should Know About Your Flight Attendant

Written by A Fly Guy


A Fly Guy reveals 6 things flight attendants wished you knew, but don’t have time to tell you

Adrian Gonzalez

Crew have many beauty tricks to hide jet lag

1. Our sleep bank has a negative balance – Don’t let the big eyes, wide smiles and manicured appearances fool you; we’re tired… always. It’s not uncommon for cabin crew to show up for a 12-hour flight after only sleeping three or four hours. This could explain why some flight attendants don’t seem friendly.

2.You said with milk right? – Fruit flies have attention spans of only a few seconds. Well, give us fruit and watch us fly, because so do your crew. Our rapid memory loss is probably due to lack of sleep… but in any case, don’t be surprised if your flight attendant asks you to repeat your order seconds after you gave it.

3. We like you, we really like you – We have a lot of things to do and often a short time in which to do them. Being busy often makes us look unapproachable and, as a result, the only interactions we usually have with our guests are requests. Most of us took this job because we love people, so, when we have time, we enjoy a friendly chat with our passengers.

Cabin Crew enjoying time spent with their passengers

Emirates cabin crew enjoying time spent with their passengers


4. Rude passengers aren’t the only pains in our necks – Name an injury and a flight attendant will probably have it. Broken bones, ruptured discs and pulled muscles are all reasons most flight attendants have a chiropractor or physical therapist on speed dial. According to data collected from Occupational Information Network in the USA, the role of flight attendant is considered the third most demanding job on your health.

5. Lonely, we’re so lonely – It’s hard to believe that someone who spends most of his or her days surrounded by a lot of people in a small tube could feel so alone. But the truth is, when the buh-byes are finished, we are by ourselves and away from our homes. The special life moments of those we love are often observed on Facebook instead of face to face.

Cabin crew spend many lonely nights away from home

Cabin crew spend many lonely nights away from home

6. We visit exotic cities and… sleep – Our job might sound like a vacation, but at the end of the day it’s our job. Occasionally we sacrifice days off in great places to recharge our batteries and stay behind that do-not-disturb sign.

Often flight attendants must sleep during the day to fly through the night

Often flight attendants must sleep during the day to fly through the night

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