A Catch Up in London’s Hip Hood


Shoreditch It had been nearly a year since I enjoyed a good travel with Sinead. The last time we were together was last spring in Brooklyn and it was her first visit to New York. I was on a photo assignment shooting cafes around the city and she tagged along playing the role of my “creative director,” manning the map and indulging in food samples that didn’t suit my vegan preference. This time I was in her city and she picked the district of Shoreditch for our first London adventure together. After ten years of friendship, she knows my kind of town.

A pleasant addition to our party was my friend Juan, who also works as crew for a Middle Eastern airline. We were on nearly the same 24 hour layover schedule in England and after convincing him to give up some precious hours of early morning rest, he was game to turn our duo day out into a trio.

Here’s a photo diary of what we got up to in this East London hipster haven

While most of the shops were still sleeping off their weekday hangovers, I found the street art plenty entertaining. I’ve mapped out a route and plan on returning to Shoreditch for a good ole Fly Guy Walk.


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