Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Dingle wildlife and Seal Sanctuary

Fell in love with this little guy at the Dingle wildlife and seal sanctuary today. He was born two weeks early and abandoned by...

Shanghai’s Water City

A visit to Suzhou China Just a short train ride outside of Shanghai is Suzhou. One of China’s famous water cities, Suzhou showcases a network of...
Fly Guy Bali

Bali Dreams

Photo Credits: A Fly Guy

Paris, First class, International

It's cliche, I know. But at some point every flight attendant has repeated the mantra, "Paris, first class, international." Taken from the 2003 romantic...

Tel Aviv: At the Boardwalk

All photos taken by A FLY GUY

Freetown Christiania

    Photo Credits: A Fly Guy

Lady Of Life

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy

On Call and On a Roll

Reserve is a dreaded time for most crew. I guess it’s all in the attitude. What you put out you get back. This must...
Come ON

  Taken From the cockpit departing Auckland, New Zealand A Fly Guy

In Search of Constellations: Fly Guy Finds a TWA Connie

I've always had a love affair with Connie; her slim sexy body and sleek iconic curves make Connie one attractive… airplane. Officially known as the...