Passengers praise Cabin Crew for being ‘extremely professional’ in their efforts to contain the fire 

Cabin Crew on board Scoot flight TR993 took quick action Tuesday evening to fight a fire in the cabin caused by a passenger’s power bank. When the incident occurred, the aircraft was still on the ground at Taipei’s Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, preparing to take off for Singapore. 

The cabin crew’s efforts to protect the safety of their passengers and aircraft were captured on video that has since gone viral:

One passenger praised the crew for their job well done in a report by Channel News Asia. “Props to those flight attendants because they knew exactly what to do,” Angie Ton told CNA. “They deserve recognition for their training, hard work, and calm attitude.”

According to Ton’s eyewitness report, the crew was able to contain the situation in less than three minutes. She said as the cabin filled with smoke, the cabin crew made sure that the ventilation system units were all on to quickly clear the cabin air from smoke. 

Smoke fills the cabin of a Scoot Airlines flight after a power bank catches fire in Taipei (Source Facebook)

According to Scoot, the owner of the power bank and his companion were treated for minor burns to their fingers. They were the only injuries reported in the incident. 

The aircraft safely returned to the gate after the fire was extinguished.

Similar Incidents 

Yesterday’s fire follows a string of recent incidents involving passengers’ personal electronic devices. 

Another power bank suffered a thermal runaway and exploded just as a URAL Airlines Airbus A321 was preparing to take off from Moscow Domodedovo Airport on December 29. The fire caused the crew to evacuate the aircraft via emergency slides. 

Passengers escape from a URAL Airlines Airbus A321 via emergency slides after a power bank caught fire.

Two Lufthansa crew were treated for smoke inhalation after fighting a laptop fire in an overhead bin on December 26 during a flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt. The Boeing 747-8 made a cautionary diversion to Chicago due to the cabin fire.

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