Airports are micro cities with thousands of people and vehicles zipping around performing tasks to keep passengers, cargo, and planes moving. With so much action buzzing around multi-million dollar aircraft, it’s not uncommon for that commotion to collide causing expensive damage to machinery and injuries to life.

Like many things in life, it seems to always happen in threes. Here are three recent incidents reported around the industry.

Turkish Airlines A330 Damaged in Sri Lanka By Cargo Container

A Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 was damaged in Colombo, Sir Lanka after strong winds reportedly blew a cargo container into the aircraft’s right engine on Tuesday, July 5th.

Egyptair Boeing 777 Door Ripped Off In South Africa

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According to aviation safety training company, MJ Airport, a Boeing 777-300 operated by Egyptair had its R2 door (second door on the right side) ripped from its hinges by a catering truck at OR Tambo International Airport (JNB), Johannesburg.

2 Ramp Agents Injured By Falling Tail Cone In Guyana

The McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft has a set of airstairs and an emergency exit located in the tail of the aircraft that is released by lifting or pulling a handle. At Georgetown’s Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana, on June 28th, a ground team member inadvertently released the tail cone on a World Atlantic Airlines MD-83 causing it to detach and fall on colleagues working below. Two staff members received minor injuries as a result of the accident.

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