The Best Cabin Crew In The world

The Best Cabin Crew in the World

The Skytrax report cards are in and the awards were handed out this week at the 2019 World Airline Awards held during the Paris Air Show.

The Skytrax accolades are considered by many to be the Oscars of the airline industry. While the website’s methods of obtaining results is a topic of much debate, the awards are still highly sought after and celebrated in the airline industry.

One of the most coveted titles that airlines fight for is “Best Cabin Staff” and this year that battle was fought solely in Asia with all the top 10 crew being based on the Asian continent.

Here are the Top 10 best Cabin Crew in the world according to Skytrax:

#10: China Airlines – Taiwan

China Airlines Cabin Crew
Photos from China Airlines

#9: Qatar Airways – Qatar

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew
Photos from Qatar Airways

#8: Japan Airlines – Japan

Japan Airlines Cabin Crew
Photos from Japan Airlines

#7: Hainan Airlines – China

Hainan Airlines Cabin Crew
Photos from Hainan Airlines

#6: Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific
Photos from Cathay Pacific

#5: EVA Air – Taiwan

EVA Air Cabin Crew
Photos from EVA Air

#4: Thai Airways – Thailand

Thai Airways cabin crew
Photos from Thai Airways

#3: ANA All Nippon Airways – Japan

ANA All Nippon Airways cabin crew
Photos from ANA All Nippon Airways

#2: Garuda Indonesia – Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia cabin crew
Photos from Garuda Indonesia

The number one spot goes to a group of crew who are among the most awarded and respected in the industry. The World’s Best Cabin Crew of 2019 is…

#1: Singapore Airlines – Singapore

The world's best cabin crew
Photos from Singapore Airlines

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  1. A major bias here, can we see who voted? Where are the Air NZ crew in all this? Hands down, some of the best cabin crew in the world, they’re not obsequious and fawning, just bloody good at their jobs and they do it with such polish and that certain Kiwi flair, it’s brilliant. And I’m an Aussie who loves SQ, JL and CX.

  2. Well i havent try to fly in singapore airline but majority of my freinds gave thumbs up and excellent service on the crew.
    Congrats singspore airline.

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