Mexican Passenger Gets Naked And Dances The Can-Can In Russian Airport


A Mexican passenger waiting for his flight at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow apparently was so bored he decided to perform for other passengers. His dance of choice, the can-can, and his costume, his birthday suit.

The high-spirited passenger was filmed full of energy and freely high-kicking without restrictions. The video of his nude antics was shared on Russian Telegram channel Mash on Monday and quickly went viral.



Our thoughts go out to the poor wheelchair passenger that was stuck with an unobstructed view of all the kicking and swinging.

Not everyone was impressed with how high he could kick and his nude debut was cut short by police who later arrested the man and hauled his happy butt off to jail. 

It was unclear what motivated mijo to move it like that and shake it like this with his clothes off.  

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