Oops, He Did It Again… AirAsia’s Viral Video Flight Attendant is Back and “Stonger” Than Ever



*Assraf Nasir returns with a new Britney Video

*His “Toxic” video racked up more than 20 million views last year

Just over a year ago, Assraf Nasir was sitting on an empty AirAsia aircraft in Taipei waiting for passengers when he decided to have a little fun before his flight. 

The dancer, turned cabin crew, channeled his inner Britney and 15 minutes later he recreated the famous future flight attendant scenes from Britney Spears’ hit video “Toxic”. 

He shared the video with just friends, but as viral videos go, it spread like wildfire and it wasn’t long before the video made its way to 9GAG

The perfectly choreographed clip quickly made Assraf one of the most famous flight attendants in the sky racking up nearly 20 million views.

But Like any true pop diva, Assraf wasn’t satisfied being a one hit wonder and has come back “Stronger” with his second Britney video.

This time around he traded the aisle of an AirAsia aircraft for the halls of the awesome AirAsia RedQ, the head office of the world’s best low-cost Airline 

The new video was 100% produced by AirAsia Allstars (Cabin Crew) and once again does Britney proud with sassy dance routines 

The video ends with Assraf  having a go down the RedQ slide. Yes! the airline has a massive slide in its head office! 

WATCH Assraf Nasir cover of “Stronger” by Britney Spears

Assraf said a third video is being planned. Any request? Leave them in the comment section 


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