Wild Zürich



When summer blazes in my desert home, the longing for winter starts. I anticipate the break from summer’s scorn when I’m finally able to fly off towards my first taste of fresh autumn air. My excitement mounts through the hot summer months as I amass a small winter wardrobe in preparation for my brisk strolls in far off cities. This year I wasn’t disappointed. My winter boots and wool sweater would have their debut in charming Zürich. This was my first visit to Switzerland, but instead of my usual city tour, I opted to spend some quality time with autumn. For our first encounter of the year I planned a chilly trek through the forest nearby my lodging. As always, nature didn’t disappoint.


  1. Beautiful photography! When I think of Zürich, my mind automatically imagines scenic pictures of the Alps, but you’ve captured a different landscape in your lens that is truly captivating!

  2. I just found your site and Insta (though a story about Emirates crew) and I am loving all your photos and anecdotes of your travels. They bring back memories for me of my time as an FA with the ME carriers I worked for. I’m especially enjoying these photos of your trek through a forest in Zürich, which is now my home.

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