35 Sexy Flight Attendant Selfies From Around the Globe


Chicken or beef… but first, let me take a selfie. The underground flight attendant selfie movement has gone viral. Instagram and Facebook feeds are blowing up with sexy stewards and stewardesses putting on their best pout and striking a pose in hopes their photo will get some instant attention.

In the world of flight attendant selfies, A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge is, without a doubt, the most popular place on the net for flight attendants to share their pics with each other. In the lounge, more than 100,000 crew from hundreds of the world’s airlines send in their photos to be added to the 450+ airline albums that are featured on the page.

In no particular order, here are 35 of the sexiest stew selfies from Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge

1. Brazil: TAM

Tam Crew

2. Philippines: AirAsia  

AirAsia Phillipeans

3. Qatar: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

4. Mexico: Aeroméxico

Aeromexico selfie

5. Afghanistan: Safi Airways 

Safi AIrways selfie

6. France: Air France 

Air France

7. USA: US Airways

US AIrways selfie

8. India: Indigo 

Indigo Selfie

 9. Russia: Aeroflot 

Aeroflot Selfie

 10. Sultanate of Oman: Oman Air

Oman Air Selfie

11. United Arab Emirates: Etihad 

Etihad UAE

12. Colombia: Avianca

Avianca crew

13. Algeria: Tassili Airlines

Tassili Airlines

14. USA: American Airlines

American Airlines Crew

15: Turkey: Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Crew

16. Brazil: Azul 

Azul Crew

17. United Arab Emirates: Emirates 

Emirates crew

18. Sri Lanka: SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines crew

19. USA: Virgin America

Virgin Australia crew

20. Lithuania: Small Planet Airlines

Small Planet Airlines crew

21. Canada: Canada North Airlines

Canada North Crew

22. The Netherlands: Arkefly

Arkefly crew

23. United Arab Emirates: Air Arabia 

Air Arabia Crew

24. UK: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

25. USA: United Airlines 

United Crew

26. Brazil: Gol Transportes Aéreos

Gol Crew

27. Poland: Enter Air

Enter Air Crew

28: USA: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Crew

29. Ireland: Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus crew

30. USA: JetBlue 


31. Albania: Bella Air

Bella Air Crew

32. Mexico: Volaris

Volaris crew

33. Saudi Arabia: Saudia 

Saudia Crew

34. USA: Delta Air Lines  

Delta Crew

35. Bolivia: BoA

 BoA Crew

Visit A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge on Facebook to see the largest database of attendant flight photos from around the globe.


  1. You skipped @theskyprincess from Instagram! She’s one of the prettiest and nicest flight attendants there is. I was hoping I was going to see her here!

  2. Is y’all stupid? 34 is the sexiest bish alive. She got back, her ass better than that of Kim Kardashian.

  3. i’ve been working for American Airlines for 35 years and I have never seen the picture you posted for American airlines nor the one for Southwest Airlines perhaps those are miss labeled?

    • Travis does work for AA, if you ever go to the headquarters or training center in DFW…. His pictures are plastered all over as a model for AA! Plus I’ve been with AA 2 years and know him personally! But if you look REAL close in the picture you can see his crew badge…. It says AA…. Just saying 😉

    • Did you even look at article

      Let’s go through this

      2. Philippines: AirAsia (Asia Pacific)

      5. Afghanistan: Safi Airways (Asia)

      8. India: Indigo (Asia)

      18. Sri Lanka: SriLankan Airlines (Asia)

      Just so you know most Asian airlines like Singapore or Korean have very strict guidelines that don’t allow their crew to post photos in uniform. So it’s rather hard to get photos from them. Thanks for your question

  4. glorified waitresses. there is nothing hot about serving drinks to the masses up in the air and stuck for hours in a small compartment.

    • Sorry you have only ever flown on small crowded planes where you only get a coke. Meanwhile, I need to get off my free inflight wifi and get back to the lounge to continue entertaining my guests I have up here at 40,000 feet. They’re having so much fun on-board enjoying the endless stream of vintage champagne and hor d’oeuvres. Shame we only have a few hours left before we land on an exotic island in the Indian Ocean and our driver whisks me and my crew away to our 5 star seaside resort where we wine and dine on our airline’s dime for 30 hours after only working for 7. No there’s nothing sexy about spending my work day on a boat exploring waterfalls and hidden beaches surrounded by my young, beautiful co-workers in their bathing suits. Man I really should try to find a job that isn’t so much like a waiter… This really sucks. Anyway happy flighting Steve!

      • In all fairness the majority of flights are short-haul and price driven – meaning the majority of flight attendants are more likely to merely get on a plane in some dreary soulless airport like ICT and fly a bunch of lower management businessmen enjoying a packet a peanuts and overpriced alcohol in a space designed for a small child whilst being sat next to Barbara, a lady in her forties who is grossly obese and smells of cats, to some equally dreary airport before performing a quick turnaround and heading home – all whilst wearing a uniform that looks like it was designed by John Galliano’s dry cleaner and praying for the day their airline will finally allow them to fly long-haul.
        But congratulations for posting a bunch of sexy selfies where the majority are not a) selfies or b) sexy.

  5. Used to date a United stewardess. She was an Italian-American beauty, and I was flying Economy when I met her. After a year with me, she found a better one in First Class. As I heard years later, her life became a golden cage quickly.

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