Fly Guy Finds: New York City


Fly Guy Finds in NYC

This is what Fly Guy found on his last visit to NYC:

1. Flight 001 Travel Emergency Blanket: $30 – Ultra-soft, lightweight blanket comes in a zip pouch that doubles as a pillowcase when blanket is not in use.  I try to avoid using public bedding on airplanes. I see what gets on them and I know how many chemicals are needed to clean them off. I will bring my own thanks!

2. Line Posters Original New York City B&W Litho: $24 – A graphic interpretation of the New York City subway system. I found Line Posters at a pop up market in Chelsea Market and spent a half hour trying to decide which city I wanted! This Brooklyn based company has so many great subway map designs to choose from and they look great framed.

3. Flight 001 F1 Safety Neck Rest: $14 – Safety life vest inspired inflatable neck rest. Another great find from my favorite travel store Flight 001.

4. Uncle Harry’s Peppermint Tooth Paste: $6 – This is a bentonite clay based toothpaste; free of preservatives, synthetic foaming agents, abrasives and glycerin and is fluoride free. It encourages remineralization of tooth enamel by neutralizing acids and bacteria, supplying significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for strengthening teeth, and promoting an alkaline pH of the mouth. I’m falling in love with Uncle Harry’s natural products! They work great, no chemicals, and they’re cheap, like REALLY cheap. Where have they been all my life.

5. Sprinkles Cupcakes: If I dare return home without a box of these babies there will some very unhappy friends upon my return. Their vegan red velvet is my favorite. I always have one frozen and waiting for my sweet tooth craving. This Beverly Hills based cupcake house has one store in NYC located on  Lexington Ave. between 60th & 61st streets near Bloomingdale’s. Skip the line down at Magnolia Bakery. These are way better without the fanfare and they package them up great for travel. I take mine in my carry on  bag and once home I freeze them to keep for several weeks. When ready to eat just remove and let thaw and you have a taste of Hollywood at home.

6. Medicine Mama Apothecary’s Sweet Bee Magic: 2 oz. $20 –  Sweet Bee Magic is a multipurpose healing skin cream designed to restore and maintain skin’s vital glow and heath. After jumping on the Egyptian Magic band wagon I came across this nugget while browsing the shelves of Wholefoods trying to find an alternative to the sold out Egyptian Magic.  Sweet Bee Magic listed the same ingredients as Egyptian Magic but was cheaper and listed all of their ingredients as organic unlike Egyptian Magic.

7. Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce: $8 – You’re not likely to get one of the 10 tables at Rao’s Bar and Grill but that doesn’t mean you can’t have their pasta and eat it too! The famous New York eatery is so thoughtful to sell what I call “crack sauce” by the jars and they’re available at most grocery stores around the city. I love bringing home a taste of Nopli via NYC. Trust me this stuff is the best sauce you can get in a bottle and it’s addicting hence why I call it “crack sauce”.


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