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1 Up On Jet Lag If the fountain of youth existed, I’m positive some flight attendant on a layover in some far flung country would have discovered it by now. Because if there’s a tonic, lotion, or potion that promises to reverse aging and counteract the side effects of criss-crossing time zones crew would have found, tried and tested it. If the results appeared promising they would alert their flying friends about it so they too could reap the beauty benefits. I am no exception. As crew we have access to all corners of the globe, which means a health or beauty secret in one part of the world doesn’t stay a secret for long once in our hands. Word spreads fast amongst us, but it can be ages before the flying public catches on. This is why I, Fly Guy, want to keep both flight attendants and civilian travelers informed on what the word is on the tarmac. I’ve tried and tested countless vitamins, serums, tonics, drinks and pills in efforts to help my body cope with the abuse from ultra long haul flying. Most of these products end up in the garbage bin as a punishment for their empty promises. Only a small percentage earn a spot in my flight kit. At the top of Fly Guy’s Must Have Travel Item list reigns 1 Above – The Flight Drink, my fountain of youth. I discovered this wonder drink on the exotic North Island of New Zealand. I was cautious of its claims at first. It promised to rid me of my zombie nature after a long haul trip. It said it could provide rapid hydration, fight fatigue and support circulation… pretty much everything I needed a wonder tonic to do. I passed right by the sleek blue and white bottle the first time I saw it in Auckland. I had been fooled before by other products promising to do the same and I wasn’t going to give away my hard earned cash so easily again. I figured some other crew would give me their findings after trying 1 Above. On a six day trip to Melbourne and Auckland my fellow crew member Candice took out the stylish blue and white bottle I had seen months before. She mixed it with spring water and started to consume the concoction. I had found my guinea pig! “So Candice does it really work,” I asked. I was ready for the typical “yeah, it’s ok response.” Instead I was given a rave review. I was still skeptical of the drink’s claims even after watching her drink it every day of our trip. It wasn’t until our return flight out of Auckland that I started to become a believer. The master mind behind the product was on board. His passion for his product and his offer for me to try the product was the push I needed to pick up a bottle from the Melbourne airport for my flight to Dubai. When I landed home after the final leg of the trip I felt different.  My head wasn’t foggy like it usually was after an all night trek from one side of the earth to the other. I needed to try more! On my next trip to Auckland I picked up a proper supply of the flight beverage. My preliminary results moved me to start a proper trial, this time following the recommended dosages.

My test flights would take me to the following locations:


First Trial Flight: Sydney to Dubai. Flight Time: 14 Hours Number of 1 Above Concentrates: 3

Galley fridge stocked with my test supply
Galley fridge stocked with my test supply

The flight from Sydney departs around 21:00 and arrives home in Dubai at sun up. For me this is the trip I need relief from jet lag the most. The flight time combined with the time difference between Sydney and Dubai amounts to a recovery period of several days. During this test flight I paused my beverage consumption for only a few hours while I took my required rest. By the end of the flight I had drank all three 100ml bottles mixed with spring water. Usually at dawn when the sun first breaks through the galley window is when my body starts to tell me it doesn’t like what I’m doing. But at sun up I was feeling great! I was chirpy, energetic and running around my cabin full of life. The vitamins Bs in the drink had kicked in. My cheerful mood impressed my customers to the point they wrote a comment card on my vibrant nature. Back home I made it to bed around 8:00 and was up several hours later feeling great! I’ve done this sector for five years and never had I felt so refreshed after a short nap. My days following those trips are usually spent in a coma while my body struggles to acclimate to home time. The night of my arrival I was not only awake but fit for company. My friends were astonished at my mood and presence. Their jet lagged zombie friend was no more. I went to bed that night at a normal time and slept straight till the next morning – again another first for me! 2nd Trial Flight: London-Dubai Flight Time: 6 hours Number of 1 Above Concentrates: 1 This particular trip is a hard one to handle because you depart at 22:00 London time arrive back home in Dubai around 10:00. It was time to give 1 Above the short haul test. Once again at dawn break that oh so familiar hung over feeling I’m so accustomed to at this point in my trip was absent. Back in the Fly Guy crash pad I napped for a few hours and once again I was ready to tackle the day back at home base. The 1 Above passed my second trail. 3rd Trial Flight: Dubai – Dallas Flight time: 16 hours Number of 1 Above Concentrates: 4 This was the ultimate test flight. There aren’t many flights on earth longer than the Dubai – Dallas run. One of the world’s longest flights and this time I would be doing it as a passenger which meant I could finally conclude my test of 1 Above. This flight was important to me for another reason.  My family, some of whom I had not seen in several years, would be waiting for me. I would be expected to be functional, engaging and energetic when I arrived in the Lone Star State. The stakes were high and I was anxious to finally try the drink while not working. As soon as I was settled into my business class seat I started to down my first concentrate of 1 Above mixed with spring water. I made sure to keep my consumption up every time I would wake up from my restless airplane slumber. As we inched closer towards Dallas/Fort Worth the sun started to peek on the horizon and as before the hangover flight feeling was gone. I reached my hotel and had a shower. It wasn’t long before my family was knocking at my room door looking to start the reunion. I was on the move doing family time without even a cat nap. As the time moved later into the day I was astounded at my level of alertness. My aunt had anticipated picking me up dazed and confused so she had scheduled a nap into our day’s activities. We were both impressed when I chose to skip that option. The third and most important trial was an epic success. I settled into the US time zone right away and was able to enjoy my vacation as a normal human.

My fridge ready for my busy flying schedule
My fridge ready for my busy flying schedule

Arrive ready is what 1 Above promises. By combining hydration with clinically proven ingredients and dietary significant levels of key vitamins 1 Above delivered on their promise with results that exceeded my expectations. Now my fridge has a whole shelf devoted just for 1 Above. It’s become one of my flight requirements. Without this flight drink, I would be sightseeing only in my hotel room on some layovers instead of getting out there and enjoying the reason why I became cabin crew – to see the world. So drink up and arrive ready. For more information on 1 Above visit:

You can try 1Above for 10% off the retail price. Click the photo to place your order.
You can try 1Above for 10% off the retail price. Click the photo to place your order.


  1. I dubiously tried one litre of 1Above on my Melbourne Australia to LA flight this past June – a flight I’ve been doing at least once a year for 8 years. I was positive it was going to be a scam, but I am so tired and so painfully swollen every time I do that flight, I was desperate for anything that MIGHT work. It worked a treat. I was not even the tiniest bit swollen! And even though I arrived at approximately 6AM, I was able to make it to 9PM that night. (Usually I struggle to make it 2 or 3 pm). And I was alert and coherent. My only regret is that I hadn’t purchased a bottle of concentrate for the flight home. But I will never fly longer than 2 hours without 1Above again!

  2. Thanks to my luck to have the right trip with the Fly guy to discover this amazing product. I can say honestly that so many times i had passed that stend in Auckland airport with a wonder what is that drink, but never had a walk towards, thought jus another advertisment trick. But this time was different, since the first leg of the flight to Sydney i knew what I am looking for in Auckland, and 1 big bottle pluss 7 small concentrates, that are amazing for they size was mine 🙂 And I can tell it worked wonders, I did a 13h flight from Sydney to Dubai, consumed 2 small bottles with spring water, then change at work amd directly on the flight to Madrid, close to 8h, conusmed 1 more small concentrate with water, and another connection to Jerez, 1h, finnaly at 17:00 local time arrived at my destination, which was now more that 24h of travelling and much more from my last sleep. And to be honest i know how I usually feel, i am just like a zombie after just the sydney trip, but I was feeling absolutely normal, I didnt even sleep on the next sectors, becaue didnt feel sleppy at all and staryed up till late that night with my friends. Had no signs of jet lag, was happy and chatty. Was not grumpy at all. So i am so thankfull for the new discovery. Cant wait now for a long haul trip to have another sip 🙂

  3. I whole heartedly agree with Fly Guy. A colleague recommended this to me and i gave it a shot. Combined with the ingredients and the motivation to drink more regularly i now don’t get the haze. My only downside is that i saw this at the start of it’s lifecycle and thought it would be briliant to get it to Sydney. Then my next flight, there it was. A great opportunity missed.
    Now one question,, have you tried FlyHydrate yet? Any thoughts? I am planning on giving that a go on the next long haul and seeing if there is any difference.

    • Simon I didn’t because I try to avoid colored beverages. Wasn’t too impressed with their list of ingredients and found them to be a bit of copycat to 1 Above. I love how 1 Above has avoided colors and chemicals out of their beverage

  4. Thank you for the detailed review! Are you still drinking these? Where do you buy them from? Wondering where to get the bottles at the very best price.

    • They sell at the Australia’s biggest airports as well as in New Zealand’s. Just recently got back from there, I had the effervescent drink, felt really good after 22hrs flights.

  5. I loved this product too!!! Sadly they have just changed to formulation (end 2018) and it no longer works!! I have been using this since 2011 or 12. Sooooooo disappointed !

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