I’m done playing where in the world will I go today. My reserve month has ended and it was a great one! I manged to log more than 39,000 miles of globe trotting and visited some great cities. The highlight of the month was discovering the SOHO of Beijing, District 798. Being a part of aviation history when I operated the first official A380 psssenger flight from Athens was also a milestone in my aviation career. Kuala Lumpur closed out the month. I’m ashamed to say I was a bad Fly Guy and slept for the entire layover and didn’t even leave my room. Sometimes you gotta catch up on sleep and it was raining. Living in the desert you miss rain days so you take them when you find them around the world. This is what my reserve flight paths looked like…

Now it’s one to a new month. It starts off with a bang. A 5 day bang traveling first to Melbourne and then on to Auckland and back. The fun starts tomorrow morning with a departure of 10:10am.

So for November it looks as follows…

I will do my best to keep it glamours along the way and fight off the jet-lag to get out and discover new international hot spots.

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