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Sending a whale to do the job of a minnow

Theoretically a passenger load of 130 for an aircraft that seats 489 is good for crew. In reality, it’s torture for me! Like watching paint dry...


  Keeping it healthy in the sky. My cabin bag is always bursting at the zipper with wholesome vegan goodness.


  See you fly guys and gals in JFK! Just look for the biggest plane there I will be :)

It’s autumn in New York

  The Big Apple is one city I will never get sick of flying to. It’s my supermarket, my favorite eat place, my favorite stage! My...

Lady Of Life

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy

Air France Vintage

In Dubai, even on the ground you live in the clouds

So winter is approaching here in sand land. Early this morning there was a clear indication that the cool weather (spring time temperatures) is approaching....

For the Fly girls!

A Fly Guy

A Fly Guy Logo

This one’s for the boys

No Star Treatment

I was reading an article about how Rihanna posed for photos with her flight attendants in hopes to get some free food on a...