A day in the life of a Fly Guy in New York City



A day in the life of a Fly Guy in New York City 

At the end of a New York Trip I’m exhausted. My friends think it’s the flight. While that’s part of it, it’s not all of it. I thought I would keep a timed photo diary to show what I do on my NYC layovers. This is how I get the most out of the city that never sleeps.

Thursday October 11th, 2012

(All times are Eastern Standard Time)

5 AM Wake Up Call image1-001

5:00 am: After only three hours of sleep I automatically wake up around 5 am. Most all the crew wake up around the same times on layovers. Our body clocks are set to home base time. I toss and turn, check my blog, watch a bit of TV then get up to plan my route of attack for the city.


 My morning starts in Central Park. It’s brisk and bright and the park is already in motion with joggers and runners getting in their morning exercise before work.

Randm 009-001

The Apple Store on 5th Ave is my first store visit of the day. My iPod classic has been broken and in need of a swap. For the past five months my life has been without a soundtrack. The broken iPod is out of warranty but still they swap it for a new one costing less than $60 bucks. SCORE! The day is going great already.

Randm 015-001

As I’m walking down 8th Ave towards the subway station Westerly Natural Market demands my exploration. Inside the store I find a paradise full of wholesome goodness. I go to the juice bar in the back of the store and get a delish vegan breakfast smoothie. On the way out I pick up some great superfood powders for my morning shakes.

Randm 017-001

I still have time to kill before the stores open so I decide on heading to Soho to visit the Frog’s Crown Bakery on Spring Street. I’m after their signature drink, a coconut latte. I grab and go.

Randm 022-001

 As I enjoy my latte I stroll the cobblestone streets of Soho. For my wallet, this is the best time to walk through this area. Most the stores are still closed so I’m forced to only window shop.

Randm 026-001

From Soho I take the R train up to 14th Street and Union Square. This is my favorite shopping area in NYC. Everything I need is here. First stop is Ricky’s NYC. Ricky’s has a great selection of grooming products. I pick up some hair styling dust then on my way.

Randm 028-001

 Just a few stores down from Ricky’s on 14th Street is Lush . I’ve heard a lot of other crew talk about their natural products and I’ve seen their amazing campaigns against animal testing so I decide it’s time to check them out. Their sales staff have so much energy and very knowledgeable. They help me find a few products that fit my jet-setting lifestyle. I will test and share those with you later.

Randm 033-001

Along my way down 14th Street I make a stop at Urban Outfitters. All of their summer items are on sale and that’s perfect for me. It’s summer somewhere in the world where I fly.  I make the best of the clearance prices and pick up a new pair of shorts and my favorite pair of layovers shoes – Toms.

548563_10152180356580290_2041101118_n (1)

I’m addicted to Chipotle! Usually, it’s the first and last place I visit on my US layovers. Just behind Urban Outfitters there’s one so I’m set. I get my vegan burrito bowl and my energy is restored. I’m ready to set out again.

Randm 058-001

 I head down 14th Street into Greenwich Village to Flight 001. This store is a MUST for any crew or traveler. It’s located along Greenwich Avenue. They stock a huge assortment of gizmos and gadgets. The world’s smallest travel humidifier is what I’m after. It’s in stock and that means no more dry hotel rooms for me.

Randm 080-001

I jump back on the underground and head again down to Soho to visit my favorite skin care store, John Masters Organics.  John Masters is all the rage in Japan and the Japanese are experts in skin care. His products are less expensive in the US. For example, my favorite product, Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil, retails in Japan for around $100 and in the US it’s $30. I pick up some products for my friends in Denmark and Dubai and then I’m good to go.

NY-BE838_NYRECH_G_20110918191418Back on the R train heading to Union Square again. I need to walk over to 6th avenue to the TJ Maxx. I Grab a few pairs of CK undies for the bargain price of $12 each and I’m out.

Whole foods marketI walk back to Union Square and make a mad dash through Whole Foods Market. I’m running out of my favorite breakfast smoothie and need to restock. I’ve already spent too much and put my blinders on so I’m not tempted to spend more here. Whole Foods is at the top of most crew’s list of stops in NYC. We have to be healthy and trim and here we find loads of stuff to help with that.

Randm 114-002

It’s the R train again heading up to Lexington Ave. It’s there between 60th and 61st street I find the best cupcakes in town. Sprinkles Cupcakes is a Beverly Hill cupcake bakery that’s famous for having a long list of a list patrons. There’s only one location in NYC and I’ve been warned to not show my face back in Dubai without a box of them. I don’t mind as they make THE BEST vegan red velvet  cupcake I’ve ever had. I buy a dozen so I can share the goodness with the five lovely ladies working in first class with me.

3:30 pm: I made it back to my Manhattan hotel and unload my bounty and then remember I forgot to pick up some snacks for a friend. I get redressed and head over to Duane Reade to snag what was requested.


4:30 pm: Finally my shopping list is done. I wind down quickly and settle into my hotel bed for a quick nap before the 7:30 wake up call. My new humidifier works perfect and I’m sleeping like a moist baby in no time.


7:00 pm:  I get up 30 minutes before the wake up call to pack my bags. Then it’s time to carry out my grooming rituals, get dressed and I’m downstairs in time for check out.

8:35 pm: All 30 crew members are on the bus and we depart for the airport

9:10 pm: Arrive JFK and check our crew luggage and head to the gate. It’s a full house and we have to get going.

10:20 pm: All safety, equipment, catering, and cleaning checks are complete and it’s time to load em up.

11:30 pm: And we’re off. With more than 510 people on this plane, there will be a lot to keep me busy for the next 11:30 hours.

Friday, October 12th, 2012

6:42 am: Finally it’s my turn to take the last break in the crew rest bunks. I change into my pajamas head to the lower deck and settle in for a quick nap.

9:40 am: I slept hard. It took two tries and people to wake me out of my deep sleep. I managed two hours and forty minutes of sleep time.

11:23 am: We land back home at our base! It was a great and busy flight. I managed to help in every cabin and even surprised a fellow American who was joining the airline as cabin crew. Got to give her an aircraft tour and a welcome drink or two. It worked, she was very excited and felt at home with her new airline family.

1:30 pm: Finally I’m in my own bed and can sleep for more than 3 hours.


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