Sunday, December 5, 2021
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On Call and On a Roll

Reserve is a dreaded time for most crew. I guess it’s all in the attitude. What you put out you get back. This must...


To drive sleepy could be a reckless idea. The same is true for blogging. There’s no telling what will come out of this keyboard...

Shanghai’s Water City

A visit to Suzhou China Just a short train ride outside of Shanghai is Suzhou. One of China’s famous water cities, Suzhou showcases a network of...

A day in the life of a Fly Guy in New York City

  A day in the life of a Fly Guy in New York City  At the end of a New York Trip I’m exhausted. My friends think...

Lady Of Life

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy
A Fly Guy

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This one’s for the boys

No Star Treatment

I was reading an article about how Rihanna posed for photos with her flight attendants in hopes to get some free food on a...