Friday, May 7, 2021

This is My POV

  See things the way I do!


In Dubai, even on the ground you live in the clouds

So winter is approaching here in sand land. Early this morning there was a clear indication that the cool weather (spring time temperatures) is approaching....

Inspiration for a holiday

Come ON

  Taken From the cockpit departing Auckland, New Zealand A Fly Guy
Auckland New Zealand

Auckland = Loveland

I was treated to another beautiful day in Auckland this week. My friend Renata (We met in first class on an Auckland flight a few years...

View From the Rear Window

I must admit one of the the best part about my apartment, besides being free, is the view. Photo Credit A Fly Guy
Fly Guy Bali

Bali Dreams

Photo Credits: A Fly Guy

A Beautiful Day in Central Park

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy

A glance over Copenhagen

Photo Credit: A Fly Guy