Fly Guy Bali

Bali Dreams

Photo Credits: A Fly Guy

Shanghai’s Water City

A visit to Suzhou China Just a short train ride outside of Shanghai is Suzhou. One of China’s famous water cities, Suzhou showcases a network of...

View From the Rear Window

I must admit one of the the best part about my apartment, besides being free, is the view. Photo Credit A Fly Guy

Lady Of Life

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy

A small Dubai Orphan

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy
Come ON

  Taken From the cockpit departing Auckland, New Zealand A Fly Guy

A glance over Copenhagen

Photo Credit: A Fly Guy

FLY guy WALKS: K’ Road Part II

Yesterday in part one I began my walk along Auckland’s notorious K’ Road and found some noteworthy shops and cafes that make this street one worth...