Saturday, December 4, 2021

Old TWA Terminal

  My favorite part of JFK… The old TWA terminal.

Sending a whale to do the job of a minnow

Theoretically a passenger load of 130 for an aircraft that seats 489 is good for crew. In reality, it’s torture for me! Like watching paint dry...


  Keeping it healthy in the sky. My cabin bag is always bursting at the zipper with wholesome vegan goodness.


  See you fly guys and gals in JFK! Just look for the biggest plane there I will be :)

For the Fly girls!

No Star Treatment

I was reading an article about how Rihanna posed for photos with her flight attendants in hopes to get some free food on a...

Then and Now: Climbing the Staircase

  Then: A flight attendant climbing the staircase of the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser in the 1950’s. The Stratocruiser’s spiral staircase led to...

Another day without flight

After 17 days of being sick, two uneventful standby duties I now get yet another day off. At this point I’m having to settle...


This is not a food auction. “CHICKEN OR BEEF?!” If you work or fly with airlines that offer meal service, do you find meat...

Ready, Willing, and Waiting

Well I find myself once again on my red sofa waiting on standby at the airport. This time the far east is not an...