In an industry where youth has long been a deciding factor for flight attendant employment, one of Europe’s leading airlines is bucking that trend and calling for life experience as it aims to recruit cabin crew over 45 years old. 

easyJet launched its new recruitment campaign with a series of new ads featuring real-life older cabin crew who recently joined the airline 

EasyJet has begun a campaign to recruit new cabin crew over the age of 45 as the airline feels this demographic possesses a wealth of life experience and transferable skills, such as customer service and people management, making many ideal candidates for the job. Parents whose children have left the family home or have started their own careers, and anyone looking for a new career challenge later in life, are among those being encouraged to apply.


The campaign to attract “empty nesters” comes following recent research by easyJet, which shows 78% of British parents aged 45 and over want to take on a new challenge once their children fly the nest.

The airline says it has already seen an increase in new mature crew taking to the sky. Since 2018 easyJet has seen a 27% increase in cabin crew over the age of 45 and a 30% increase in those over 60 in the last year alone. 

Neil followed his daughter Holly into a career as cabin crew with easyjet

Those who have already gained their wings midlife love their new career with easyJet. Neil, 59, followed in the footsteps of his daughter Holly, 29, to become cabin crew in 2019, having previously worked in engineering and sales. “I decided I needed a new challenge and wanted a job I could enjoy and would look forward to work each day,” Neil said. “Knowing how much Holly loved the job and with her encouragement, I applied and found myself in Luton academy for training, and I have loved it ever since.”

Like Neil Karen, 54, also followed her daughter Daniela into a career as easyJet cabin crew. “I was recently after a complete career change, and I wanted to be cabin crew when I was younger, so when Daniela started her role with easyJet I was inspired to try it myself. And I’m so glad I did!” Karen said. 

Karen flies alongside her daughter Daniela as cabin crew for easyJet

EasyJet’s research discovered cabin crew to be one of the top 10 most desirable new career choices for the over 45s. 

Top 10 New Career Choices for parents over 45: 

  1. Charity worker/volunteer (39%)
  2. Paramedic (29%)
  3. Teacher (28%)
  4. Librarian (27%)
  5. Airline cabin crew (26%)
  6. Tradesperson e.g.: carpenter or electrician (24%) 
  7. Civil service (22%)
  8. Chef (18%)
  9. Receptionist (16%)
  10. Driving instructor (14%)

For more information about a career as cabin crew with easyJet visit:

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