Norwegian Air’s NEW Uniformed Uniform

Norwegian Air's New Uniform
Norwegian Air's New Uniform

All Norwegian branded airlines to wear the same new uniforms by 2020

When it comes to the corporate structures of airlines, Norwegian Air has to be the most confusing of all. The Norway based low-cost airline visually operates as one brand but is actually made up of 7 separate carriers with aircraft registered in several countries from Argentina to the UK.

The appearance of the airlines’ staff is almost as complex. Passengers flying on Norway based Norwegian Air Shuttle and connecting to a flight on London Gatwick based Norwegian Air UK would find crew dressed in two very different uniforms.

By January 2020 Norwegian plans to have all uniformed employees across its network wearing the same new look in what the airline is calling a move to become “One Norwegian.”

Here’s a first look of the proposed new uniforms as featured in an internal document that was shared with Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge

Norwegian Air New Uniform
The New Look of all airlines operating under the Norwegian brand

The new uniform combines design elements of the current two uniforms worn by Norwegian but leans more to the conservative, toned down short haul look instead of the edgy and bold long-haul uniform that was created by Moods of Norway and launched in 2013 when the airline began Boeing 787 Dreamliner service.

This month all Norwegian staff will begin their fittings for the new uniform which is scheduled to launch on January 1st, 2020.

Norwegian pilots will also be getting a refreshed new look

The refreshed  pilot uniform of Norwegian Air
The refreshed pilot uniform of Norwegian Air

Norwegian has recently found itself in financial turbulence and is in a major push to cut cost and return to profitability. The airline says this new uniform will help with that effort. “The transition from two uniforms with visible differences, to the One Uniform will also facilitate logistics, and there is an element of cost savings as a result,” The airline communicated to its employees. “These cost savings will not be immediate, but over time they will help to support us returning to profitability.”

All photos from Norwegian Air

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