A Guide to Flight Attendant Hats Around the Globe


Fly Guy's Guide To Hats Inflight There was once a time when hats on stewardesses’ heads were as common as formal wear on passengers’ backs. Times changed; seats got smaller, tickets cheaper, suits and dresses were replaced with “comfort gear” and those hats, along with the designer uniforms that accompanied them faded away with the golden era of air travel. Or did they? Some airlines are turning back to fashion as a way to attract attention to their brand, and it’s working.  Hostesses in hats are making a resurgence, with every other uniform redesign including a feminine piece of headgear. Being Fly Guy, I always have my eye to the sky in search of the glamour that’s still to be found in air travel. As a classic well designed uniform is one of the best ways to flashback to first class flight, I’ve decided to highlight those airlines making an effort to keep the excitement of air travel alive with well groomed crew. To do this I’ve complied a global photo guide of every airline crew I know of in the air that has their flight attendants topped off with a hat. Fly Guy’s Guide to Hats Inflight is easy to use. Simply roll your cursor over or click on the photo to reveal the name of the airline and which country it’s based.

European Airlines As Europe has the most hats in the sky I thought it would be a very good place to start

Middle Eastern Airlines It’s in this region we find the most famous of all head pieces in the sky. The famous Emirates’ red hat plays a big part in marketing the world’s most valuable airline brand. Not to be outdone, neighbors Eithad and Qatar not too far behind

Asia Airlines Asian airlines are world famous for their first class elegance and perfect appearance. A lot of time and effort goes into perfecting their polished looks  

Russian Russia has some of the most nostalgic and elegant new uniforms hitting the runway, all of which have a hat as its centerpiece

African Airlines Africa is known for it’s color and flair, so it’s no surprise several African airlines choose to show off with bright colors and traditional patterns under a beautiful designed headpiece

North American AirlinesOnce a leader in inflight fashion, North American airlines have come a long way from their once golden years. Today I could only come up with six airlines that are keeping the iconic image of hostesses in hats alive. 

South American Airlines It seems South American airlines are following the example of their neighbors to the north. Only three airlines to mention here

Oceania Airlines There aren’t many major airlines in this part of the world, but two of the largest in the region both have their crew stepping out in new uniforms that include hats. 

Well there you have it! Fly Guy’s Guide to Hats Inflight. Now when you see these crew in the airport you no longer have to wonder which airline they belong to. If I’ve left an airline off the list please let me know in the comment section of this guide.

A Fly Guy
A Fly Guy

A Fly Guy is an award winning journalists turned international air steward flying for one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. His insight into the airline world has been featured by major media outlets around the world such as CNN and The Wall Street Journal. In his spare time A Fly Guy runs a successful flight attendant network, A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge. Follow his travels around the globe via his instagram


      • In 1960’s and beyond, United Airlines we had to wear hats, because the airlines view was that in the event of an emergency, passengers would look to us to make commands about how to evacuate.. We had to have our hats on for take off and all landings. If we didn’t we would get written up.

  1. Brilliant article. I can remember when all male cabin crew wore hats too (I was one of them) .glad to see Rouge have brought in hats for both male and female crew

  2. I just love your love for uniforms ! What a great post and I wonder just how much work must have gone into it! I may stop trying to swap outta all of my A380 flights just to get a chance to fly with you 🙂

  3. Tried to leave a message before. I was crew in the days when male cabin crew still wore hats too. Also, monarch brought out a new uniform last year which no longer includes hats and I don’ think BMI wear them anymore either

  4. Good publish. I simply located your blog site and planned to say that I have absolutely treasured searching your blog page blogposts. Naturally I will be subscribing for ones feast and i also we imagine you produce all over again in the near future!

  5. Hey, J-Rad, great overview, love your nostalgia for golden days of aviation. Thank you for revival of that special excitement about air travel which seems to fade away in today’s world.
    I am enjoying your blog so much, you are an excellent reporter and journalist!

  6. They aren’t really “Hats inflight” because they aren’t really worn in flight. In general the hats are only worn through the Airport. 😉

  7. I just flew a flight from Israel with a crew that they said was from a portugese airline (since the Israeli pilots were on strike). The flight attendants wore tiny little berets on the front of their heads and gloves for takeoff and landing. They had pink accents and were navy or black. Any guesses?

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