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Then and Now: Climbing the Staircase

  Then: A flight attendant climbing the staircase of the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser in the 1950’s. The Stratocruiser’s spiral staircase led to...

Another day without flight

After 17 days of being sick, two uneventful standby duties I now get yet another day off. At this point I’m having to settle...

Sit back and relax



This is not a food auction. “CHICKEN OR BEEF?!” If you work or fly with airlines that offer meal service, do you find meat...

Freetown Christiania

    Photo Credits: A Fly Guy

Ready, Willing, and Waiting

Well I find myself once again on my red sofa waiting on standby at the airport. This time the far east is not an...

TWA Lockheed Constellation

  One of my favorite aircraft of the golden era, The TWA Lockheed Constellation flying over one of my favorite cities, NYC.

A Beautiful Day in Central Park

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy


When you’re thinking sweatpants and comfort gear, please remember this photo and think how much more attention you will get from me, or any...

Nap Time

Nap time