Sleep… My bestfriend and worst enemy


It would be impossible to have an international cabin crew blog without this topic being brought up at least once a week. I will try to refrain from dwelling on the subject for too long. Otherwise you will get bored and we will both be sleepy and it’s my job to make your feel happy and energetic! It’s now 12:30 am and I’ve been awake since 9:40 am. My pickup is in one hour and my departure is at 4 am and my duty will end about 9 hours later. Glamours I know! These are the perks of working for an airline on speed! It never sleeps and neither do you. I tried to sleep but my mind had other plans, like reminding me what bills were past due. Or that my plants needed to be watered. My mind will always wait till I’m almost at the point of complete relaxation to start the mental reminder notices. Sleep escaped me tonight  but my plants are well moist and prepared for my three day absence. I will now go and water myself with several cups of caffeinated herbal teas and an espresso shot to keep this from happening…

Beijing is calling my name again and this means I have another date with a hot pot. I only trust the food in Beijing if I can cook it myself. They will slip meat into your food in a hot second in that country. I will try to do more than sleep on this layover so I can be an Exciting Fly Guy and not A Sleepy Fly Guy.

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