Saturday, February 29, 2020
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A small Dubai Orphan

  Photo Credit: A Fly Guy


So this reserve started off great and is shaping up nicely. Since coming back from NYC I’ve enjoyed two days off. During this down...

Goodnight Beijing, Good morning Dubai

Just landed back in Dubai after a nine hour trek from Beijing. Before I head off for a nap I wanted to share with...

FLY guy WALKS: K’ Road Part II

Yesterday in part one I began my walk along Auckland’s notorious K’ Road and found some noteworthy shops and cafes that make this street one worth...
Come ON

  Taken From the cockpit departing Auckland, New Zealand A Fly Guy

Shanghai’s Water City

A visit to Suzhou China Just a short train ride outside of Shanghai is Suzhou. One of China’s famous water cities, Suzhou showcases a network of...

Inspiration for a holiday


Morning Over Mauritius

Good morning Mauritius! Stunning view of the exotic African island on landing today. I have one great office view.

Tel Aviv: At the Boardwalk

All photos taken by A FLY GUY